Students 2021

Tigist Shiferaw Yitayew

I am an Electrical and Computer Engineering student at Addis Ababa Institute of Technology. When I was in high school I was good at mathematics and physics and also I was curious about how computers really work. Because I learned my primary and secondary education in rural areas it limited me from getting what I was seeking. So joining the field that I am studying now was the best choice to go with my interest. After my graduation, my plan is to study postgraduate degree and to increase my knowledge in my field of study. My hobbies and interests are reading different books, helping and spending time with my family, and participating in Charity clubs, and provision of volunteer services.

sor: Jean-Baptiste Jeannin

Plato Gebremedhin Gizaw

I am a student at the Addis Ababa Institute of Technology. I major in Electrical and Computer Engineering. I am really fascinated by the idea of giving intelligence to a machine/computer, which is one of the reasons for choosing my current major. One of my goals in life is to create an amazing AI that will help solve a lot of problems. I like playing games and participating in many sport-activities, I don't like silence which leads me to abruptly tell jokes to break the silence.

Advisor: Todd Austin

Miruts Hadush Gebremeskel

I’m a software engineering student at Addis Ababa Institute of Technology. As Education is the most powerful weapon used to change the world, I like learning so much that I wouldn’t know my way without it. Lucky to be born in the fourth industrial revolution represented by intelligent technology, I want to pursue my graduate degree in the field of Artificial Intelligence and contribute something valuable to the field for the betterment of human lives. Apart from academics, I like playing football and reading books, mostly psychological.

Advisor: Valeria Bertacco

Bereket Ngussie Bekele

I am a 4th-year Electrical and Computer Engineering student at Addis Ababa Institute of Technology. I have been interested in Math, Physics, and Technology since high school. After
I finish my undergraduate study,
I want to do a PhD in physics. In the future,
I see myself in an academic career being involved in research (at the interface between physics and engineering) and teaching. I enjoy playing soccer, reading books, listening to music, and watching movies.

Advisor: Jean-Baptiste Jeannin

Tibebu Getachew Wassie

I'm a third-year Computer Science student at Addis Ababa University. My interests include computer vision, web development, and Mathematics in Computer Science. Although I've not decided on a specific field of Computer Science, I plan to pursue grad school education in my efforts to tackle the biggest problems the world is facing today. Outside of school, I like to spend my time watching football and hanging out with my friends.

Advisor: David Fouhey

Samuael Adnew Birhane

I am a 4th year Software Engineering student at Addis Ababa Institute of Technology. I am deeply interested in Distributed System Programming and Artificial Intelligence. Even though I was unfamiliar with programming until I joined AAiT, but Now I have developed good and Creative Programming skills. Indeed, this has helped me use my Creativity Skills and visualize a better future. After I finish my undergraduate studies I would like to pursue graduate studies in Artificial Intelligence which I hope could help me apply my skills in the agricultural sector. Therefore, I will be able to contribute something relevant to my country and the whole world's people's food demand. Therefore, Opportunities like the AURA program are a good chance for students like me to give us a good insight into real-life problem solving and a glimpse of a problem solver way of thinking.

Advisor: Baris Kasikci

Amanuel Solomon Bayou

I am 4th year electrical and computer engineering student (power engineering) at Addis Ababa Institute of Technology. I have special interest in electricity and always try to work and create something new with my knowledge. In the future I see myself getting my PhD and contribute to solving problems with what I've learned and experienced.

I like playing video games, listening to music, watching movies and work part time jobs.

sor: Johanna Mathieu

Adona Tesfaye Shinkur

I am a software engineering student at Addis Ababa institute of technology. During my stay in AAIT, I have worked on a few projects which have helped me advance my programming skills. After finishing my undergraduate studies, I plan to continue my academic career by pursuing graduate studies. I'd like to contribute to my country's technology industry by using the skills I've acquired. Besides school, I enjoy reading and watching movies.

Advisor: Baris Kasikci

Tersiteab Mersha Adem

I am an Electrical and Computer engineering student, majoring in computer engineering who derives pleasure from solving problems and exploring new ideas. As an engineer, I intend to make use of what
I have learned in class and outside to improve people's lives. Furthermore, I have a plan to pursue my graduate studies and through research,
I aspire to push the boundaries of science and technology.

Valeria Bertacco

Bereket Barma

I am an Electrical and Computer Engineering student at Addis Ababa Institute of Technology. Currently I devote myself to acquire the basic understanding of the technological advancements associated with my field of study. After my undergraduate studies
I aspire to go through the academics and researching areas to make a practical solution for the problems facing my society. Besides my class I voluntarily tutor students with science subjects. I enjoy the time I spend with my family and in church. Football and reading books are my hobbies

Johanna Mathieu

Yabsra Abdurahman

I am a 4th year Software Engineering student at Addis Ababa Institute of Technology. I have a great inclination towards biological sciences.
I plan to study bioinformatics or a related field to use computing to better understand how life works and contribute to the solutions for the prominent problems we face as a species.
I take initiative to facilitate experience sharing.
I have organized several events to help my peers and myself learn from others' experiences.

I enjoy debating and public speaking. In my belief, debating is one of the easiest ways to expand and solidify one’s knowledge base.
I usually spend my free time hanging out with my friends.

Cyrus Omar

Galane Basha Namomsa

I am a fourth-year Electrical and Computer Engineering student majoring in Computer Engineering at Addis Ababa Institute of Technology. I am planning to enhance my research experience. Working on Scientific Computing problems and their applications towards addressing health, renewable energy, and food security is where my interest resides. I believe that having advanced computers will help us discover the mystery the universe holds. That's why I am planning to do my research on Quantum Computing.
I am eager to work on solving problems the community faces by using technology. Improving the living standards of Africans through the knowledge
I have and will gain is one of my goals.

Advisor: Todd Austin

Mahlet Dereje Haile

I am currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Software Engineering at Addis Ababa Institute of Technology. I am deeply interested in problem-solving, math, and creativity. I am eager to learn new things and advocate for gender empowerment. Having a glimpse of the world of AI, I found myself inclined to it. In near future, I would like to immerse myself in AI-related research and solve humanity related endeavors altogether with my peers and other professionals.

Advisor: David Fouhey